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One thing that I find that helps is to open up a text file and start typing what your thoughts are and be unfiltered (I sometimes look away from my screen so I don't proofread). Try and get everything out, and let yourself brainstorm.

Keeping it all in a conversation in your head creates too many threads to keep track of and you end up looping around worrying about this or that. Then after that, I take the blob of text and try to organize it into categories such as "issues to resolve", "action items", … etc

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An attempted simple guide for react hooks.


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React hooks is what got me to actually like React enough to make it my primary web development framework (at least at this date). They break away from the ugly class based heavily nested object form of React, and make it truly more functional, while giving allowances for managing state in a stateless system.

The first thing to grasp about react is that components re-render with every change in the props that come into them, and thus every time they are run (which is every time an input changes), all internal values are wiped out. It should also be noted that internal hook state changes also trigger these re-renders.

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WET vs DRY coding


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This is roughly a reply to/inspired by Write everything twice, just not a third time.

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