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Octomaze review


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Octomaze is a A good puzzler that gets you thinking, is challenging, but not so much that I have gotten stuck yet.

The mechanics and style of this game concept are great, but what really makes this shine is how much obvious thought the dev put into the level design, which progresses with a smooth increase in difficulty.

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Programming Elevator Action


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Elevator Saga is a javascript programming game where you have to write code to control elevators in the most efficient possible manner to be increasingly difficult levels. Warning: this is totally a nerd trap that will suck your attention if you are a programmer.

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On game design: make them cry


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I was talking with @octagon_game_st about his game Octomaze

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Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition


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NesRocks made this very cool refreshed version of Super Pitfall that is a rom hack that updates graphics and music. He really does a great job in keeping true to the original designs.

super pitfall

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