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Screenshot Saturday Dec 7th 2019


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screenshot gif 2019-12-07

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Godot languages


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Looking at much of the traffic on the asset store, and non-USA visitors seem to be a big part of it (China, Russia, etc).

To satisfy this market (and target them for SEO), I will do something relating to using the google translate api to translate the various assets and text in the site. Urls will be something like

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I just registered for the Godot Asset Store. It seems like it would be an easier name to share with people and the media than, which just seems a little odd. I'll have to set an nginx redirect for it on the server and set up certbot to do the https for it.

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Godot Asset Store


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I started developing the Godot Asset Store a few weeks ago. It is built with Angular and node.js as the backend api with nginx as the frontend.

I am getting to the tricky parts now:

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Started working on the Godot Asset store


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10/25/2019 is the day I started the Godot Asset Store, and so I am inserting this entry for that day. After creating my first godot app (the tutorial dodge game), and after years of dipping my toe into Unity but never making much of anything, I see great potential in Godot.

One of the biggest pain points is that there is no commercial storefront. Yes, there is a free storefront, and with many many great open source projects, but the majority of those projects are ones that were personally made to try something out as an experiment, or to suit someone's own personal needs to finish their own game, with little long term updates and support. Yes, there are great exceptions to that, but then there are many that haven't been updated in 2 years, and aren't even compatible with the current version.

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