Coding productivity


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One thing that I find that helps is to open up a text file and start typing what your thoughts are and be unfiltered (I sometimes look away from my screen so I don't proofread). Try and get everything out, and let yourself brainstorm.

Keeping it all in a conversation in your head creates too many threads to keep track of and you end up looping around worrying about this or that. Then after that, I take the blob of text and try to organize it into categories such as "issues to resolve", "action items", … etc

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Game performance by tag and modding


Tags: gamedev

This is a great article about what games perform well on steam based upon their tags (categories).

Some games like strategy war games, which I have a great love for, make great money, and there are also very few of them. Other games like puzzlers are plentiful and don't make much. He also goes into the normal lifespan of a game and its revenue stream which tapers off after 5 years.

There were so many good tidbits in there, and even a multipage spreadsheet of useful sales data, which is like gold now that steamspy can no longer function.

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Bringing things under one roof


Tags: webdev seo

This is a great article about using subdomains vs subfolders for seo:

subdomains vs subfolders

I looks pretty clear that subfolders are the way to go.

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The uneasy peace of nuclear weapons.


Tags: war politics

Just some thoughts I had after watching this video:

Simulation of a Nuclear Blast in a Major City

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Thoughts on using grommet for web app design


Tags: web-dev design react

I used Grommet for a react project, and here are some of my thoughts on it.

Things I like

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Next.js vs Create-React-App


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When doing react, I have on worked with CRA up until now. I just took over a next.js app, and when built and deployed, it is speedy, but didn't like some of the details of development:

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6 degrees of separation on wikipedia


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This is pretty fascinating stuff:

With just 3 clicks on average, you can get from any wikipedia article to any other wikipedia article.

place setting


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Tags: doodles


7 days away from the time wasting websites


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I have a problem with time wasting websites such as youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. I start going down rabbit holes that suck away my work day.

As such, I am putting all social media sites on a 7 day time out. I have added them all to my /etc/hosts file so that visiting them just goes to an error.

Also, installed the mac app called "Time Out" which every hour forces me to take a 10 minute break, during which I am allowing myself some time to work on my current task list, draw pictures, play piano, or write articles like this in my blog (the app covers the screen with a semi-transparent image making it so you can't click a mouse, but you can type, which is great a forcing what kind of things I can do).

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Cloudflare effects on users


Tags: web-development

For the last few years I have been using cloudflare in front of On the 21st I dropped it, and saw an immediate decrease in average load times (from google analytics):

This was without any changes to the system at all, and with about 800-900 active users per day.

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Disney during covid


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My wife and I went to Disneyworld for our honeymoon this month and it was fantastic. Due to pandemic fears, flights were super cheap, the disney resort was discounted and nearly empty, and lines were nearly non-existent at the parks. Most rides were about a 5 minute wait, with some of the more popular attractions taking about 30 minutes. Compared to a typical 1hr+ for wait times for major rides, this meant going through a lot of rides was a breeze.

Some downsides:

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Tags: completed-projects has long been overdue for an upgrade. I've been postponing it for a while, and now that I have just finished a big move, a wedding, and a honeymoon in Disney (covid be damned), I am circling back on it.

Task list (this article will be updated as things are completed):

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Tags: instaboardgame in-progress-projects

Instaboardgame will be a place for people to instantly play and create boardgames with their friends wherever they may be.

Think of it like a big box of board game pieces that you can pull out and start playing with.

To start with, you create a table, then you can either import in a prebuilt game, or you can

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Hacker Newsletter


Tags: reading tech

I use rss feeds, reddit, twitter, news sites, etc, etc, but the most distilled grouping of great new things to read on the web regarding programming, science, design, and many other things is [Hacker Newsletter]( It is a weekly email newsletter that is a curated list of the best stuff that appears on [Hacker News]( The trouble with hacker news is there is too much content and the top list of articles are by popularity rather than quality, so it provides lots of distraction, but without the focus on substance. Hacker newsletter fixes that with some excellent curation.

Shareable web based boardgame update


Tags: instaboardgame in-progress-projects

Last month I made a doodle post of an idea for an instant online board game system.

Well, progress is coming along fast:

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Setup ssl websockets from node using nginx and certbot


Tags: nginx nodejs web-development instaboardgame websockets

Certbot is the tool from that lets you generate ssl certificates for your site without having to pay the likes of Verisign ever again. Basically I love the heck out of them for what they do.

Nginx runs on your server to redirect to localhost:1234 if you happen to be running your node express server on that port.

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1000 Blank White cards sounds like a fun game


Tags: boardgames

I was reading this BGG page:

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An attempted simple guide for react hooks.


Tags: react programming guides

React hooks is what got me to actually like React enough to make it my primary web development framework (at least at this date). They break away from the ugly class based heavily nested object form of React, and make it truly more functional, while giving allowances for managing state in a stateless system.

The first thing to grasp about react is that components re-render with every change in the props that come into them, and thus every time they are run (which is every time an input changes), all internal values are wiped out. It should also be noted that internal hook state changes also trigger these re-renders.

The following hooks help keep all of this from getting washed away with each re-render so that your components can continue to function.

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Started on a shareable web based boardgame system


Tags: shareable-board-game software-ideas instaboardgame boardgames

Going through notebook directory


Tags: notebook

I am going through my notebook directory where I have a bunch of little jottings, and these next posts are from those files all brought into this blog so they can be deleted.

Some quotes from the Art of Manliness blog


Tags: quotes

Make hay while the sun shines.

A boy will dabble in a thousand pursuits and then drop them when he gets bored or they become too difficult. A man will always finish what he starts.

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Movies for me to watch... again


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Good fermented foods for probiotics


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Weighted Task Chooser


Tags: projects launched

Weighted task chooser is a command line node script that will select a randomly weighted task to do out of a tasklist markdown file.

So you have a list of tasks to do in a markdown file:

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WET vs DRY coding


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This is roughly a reply to/inspired by Write everything twice, just not a third time.

This is really a heavy "it depends". The goals of making it so you have one source of things to be debugged and modified are great when we are talking about a decent number lines of code (or more importantly conceptual pieces). The other side of things is that DRY pushes to creating modules/components/functions that are nameable sections of code that increases readability of the code. An example of this is to take 20 lines of code that does one "Thing", and replace it with a function call to Thing() that contains those 20 lines. Yeah, you don't save anything as far as line count of code, but you make it so when reading things, you don't have to parse apart the functionality of that 20 lines, and you can test it and know you never need to think about it again besides calling it's name.

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Idea: VR game where you play with fairies


Tags: vr software-ideas

Using 5x8 index cards for random notes and ideas


Tags: index-cards writing

I started working with using index cards for writing ideas similar to the slipcard (Zettelkasten Method). I started working with 3x5's but found they were too small to write ideas on. Now I am using 5x8's. This works well, because I use them in portrait orientation and they fit in the box I got for them. I also got some heavy duty cards that stand up well in the box and are nice to write on.

Here is the first card in the box. Instead of using it as an index, I am using the first one as a list of ideas for what cards could be; this is helpful as it is always the card that is visible in front of the stack.

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So many ways to write


Tags: writing

I have gotten so interested in different writing systems lately. I have more notebooks than I know what to do with. I use a daily file which I use to track work tasks. I have this blog, which is generated from a file. I recently got index cards and am trying to figure out how to incorporate them in some way.

Creating a pattern to writing is the tricky part. It takes repetition and a desire to do it... kinda like exercise.

Backlog tracking


Tags: software-ideas

Using a long notebook file has made it easier to keep track of what I need to do each day. On any day I grab things from the backlog, and stick them under the header for today's date. Then I checkmark competed items. Incomplete items just move to the next day (or back to the backlog).

Perhaps a react app for the phone would be ideal for this?

Buying cheap during coronavirus

Tags: stocks


A lot of stocks are really down, some much more than average: Cruise ships, amusement parks, Dave and Busters, movie theater chains.

Selling all of my stock index funds and buying up whatever is cheap.

Everything in visual studio code


It amazes me how much can be done with VS code. It is really the perfect editor thanks to all of the extensions.

FAANGs are sucking us dry


Tags: business startups

![](/images/2020-06-12-08-42-12.png) The FAANG's of the world are doing us a big disservice. They filter out the best of the best programmers in the world, and then shackle them with 300K+ golden handcuffs to work on meaningless tasks on already developed products.

I was talking with a recruiter many years back about when Yahoo had a massive layoff. The following year, he was suddenly awash with jobs to fill with new startups that were created by these Yahoo employees that were in comfy jobs for life.

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Octomaze review


Tags: other-peoples-projects review

Octomaze is a A good puzzler that gets you thinking, is challenging, but not so much that I have gotten stuck yet.

The mechanics and style of this game concept are great, but what really makes this shine is how much obvious thought the dev put into the level design, which progresses with a smooth increase in difficulty.

I just bought the full version after beating the demo, and it gets even better after that. New themes, dangers and enemies come in world two.

Screenshot Saturday Dec 7th 2019


Tags: godot-asset-store screenshot-saturday

screenshot gif 2019-12-07

On youtube

Progress update on

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Tired of having to annoyingly see those accept cookies messages that EU bureaucrats have foisted upon us all? Use the StyleBot chrome extension and then open stylebot->options->Edit Global Style Sheet, and then copy paste this css in

Programming Elevator Action


Tags: other-peoples-projects games

Elevator Saga is a javascript programming game where you have to write code to control elevators in the most efficient possible manner to be increasingly difficult levels. Warning: this is totally a nerd trap that will suck your attention if you are a programmer.

Bringing back the pipes


Tags: tools

Node red this is a very similar thing to yahoo pipes back in the day. It is a self hosted tool to pipe things into each other and do operations on them (best to watch the video there).

I want to try out your Indie Local Multiplayer Game


Tags: games

I have a PC hooked up to a TV with a bunch of controllers, and I love local multiplayer games with my kids. If you have a game you would like us to beta test, and write a review of, just send me a message on twitter.

On game design: make them cry


Tags: game-design other-peoples-projects game-review


I was talking with @octagon_game_st about his game Octomaze

I didn't finish the demo, and well, I figured I should paste it in as I think it is a good breakdown of game design for a mechanics based puzzle:

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Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition


Tags: nes other-peoples-projects

NesRocks made this very cool refreshed version of Super Pitfall that is a rom hack that updates graphics and music. He really does a great job in keeping true to the original designs.

super pitfall

He does a lot of other remasters, and he also has this great article about how nes graphics work

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Angular is just easier to make most web applications in than React


Tags: angular react

UPDATE: My feelings about this have changed quite a bit, a follow up article is to come. The summary is that React has gotten so much easier with React hooks that my recommendations here have changed.

A little background

I did about 5 years of AngularJS (not newer Angular) development, 1.5 years of React, and now about 1 month of Angular, so I know my around a little bit of the the first two, and now with I have touch a bit on the third (I consider Angular and AngularJS to be fairly distant cousins).

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Domain names are too cheap


Tags: domains things-that-piss-me-off

It is way too difficult to find a domain that isn't being squatted on. Take any two random words in the dictionary, put them together for a domain name, and some squatter will own it.

As painful as it would be to raise prices, a domain name should be $100 per year rather than $10. This would destroy squatters business model as it would price them out of spamming the whole registry. The registries of course have no incentive to do this as they would rather sell 10000 domains for $10 than 10 domains for $100, so my dream of picking a relevant domain name for a project will just stay that, a dream.

Shameless plug: if you are having trouble coming up with a domain name, try the thing I made to deal with this problem, mix match domains.

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USB micro and usb c Magnetic Charging Cables


Tags: shopping reviews amazon

magnetic usb cables I have a bunch of devices that use micro-usb, and as such I have chargers for them everywhere, but inevitably the tips on those cables start to fail, and devices have to be wiggled around and set just right to charge. On top of it, the devices themselves start to wear down at the charging point.

Well no longer!

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Oculus Quest


Tags: vr oculus vive

My vive has died in all the ways:

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Godot languages


Tags: languages localization godot-asset-store

Looking at much of the traffic on the asset store, and non-USA visitors seem to be a big part of it (China, Russia, etc).

To satisfy this market (and target them for SEO), I will do something relating to using the google translate api to translate the various assets and text in the site. Urls will be something like /en/assets/tag1/tag2/SomeAssetName

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ConstantSail doing surprisingly well


Tags: projects constantsail

Constant Sail Pirates and Traders analytics seems to do consistently well despite being a page with no content on it other than an old video. I should make it a priority to make this game again with newer tech to support more users than before as there is just a continuous latent interest in this game that doesn't even exist.




Tags: projects godot-asset-store nginx certbot

I just registered for the Godot Asset Store. It seems like it would be an easier name to share with people and the media than, which just seems a little odd. I'll have to set an nginx redirect for it on the server and set up certbot to do the https for it.

A blog generator


Tags: blog projects announcements github open-source

And just like that, now we have a dead simple blog generator tool:

Github / dead-simple-markdown-to-static-blog-creator

This was used to create the site you are currently on!

A very very simple blog


Tags: blog

This blog was created with a simple markdown file and a directory of images. Trying to come up with a good way to host it will be interesting

I should come up with a new username on twitter and domain name to match it.

Burning the midnight oil


Tags: habits

3am is often the time I wake up, eat some cereal and do about an hour or so of hacking before heading back to bed at 5am. It just seems to be the most productive time for me (assuming I don't get wrapped up in social media).

Godot Asset Store


Tags: godot godot-asset-store projects in-progress angular nodejs

I started developing the Godot Asset Store a few weeks ago. It is built with Angular and node.js as the backend api with nginx as the frontend.

I am getting to the tricky parts now:

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Stack overflow


Tags: stackoverflow

Stack Overflow is like a magic wish granting genie, if all your wishes are constrained to be answers to technical problems. Pretty much and far flung technical question I put in there, the right person comes along and provides an answer.

Started working on the Godot Asset store


Tags: godot-asset-store started-project projects godot

10/25/2019 is the day I started the Godot Asset Store, and so I am inserting this entry for that day. After creating my first godot app (the tutorial dodge game), and after years of dipping my toe into Unity but never making much of anything, I see great potential in Godot.

One of the biggest pain points is that there is no commercial storefront. Yes, there is a free storefront, and with many many great open source projects, but the majority of those projects are ones that were personally made to try something out as an experiment, or to suit someone's own personal needs to finish their own game, with little long term updates and support. Yes, there are great exceptions to that, but then there are many that haven't been updated in 2 years, and aren't even compatible with the current version.

The Unity and Unreal storefronts are lively bustling communities with thousands of assets updated frequently to suit the requests of people who purchase and review those assets. Throwing in a monetary reward for developers to keep there assets improving, maintained, and version compatible is a great boon for the assets and those who depend on them.

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Govt law monitoring site


Tags: concept-art govt

Govt law monitoring site

submarine playhouse


Tags: concept-art playhouse

Submarine playhouse

Mix Match Domains


Tags: projects launched

Generate domain names from keywords using

Mix Match Domains

Glico rating system


Tags: projects launched open-source

Javascript implementation of glicko-2 rating system along with a ffa-team based setup.


ConstantSail Pirates and Traders


Tags: projects suspended

Constant Sail is a pirate and sailing massive multiplayer game that is in development

Constant Sail

Island Warfare


Tags: projects suspended

Island Warfare will be a game where you build up your islands and the armies on your island to go take over other user's islands

Cueflash flashcard study tool


Tags: projects launched

Cueflash is a study tool where you can create and share flashcards (cuecards). As you study with it, it will adapt to you and show you cards more frequently based upon how well you know them.



Tags: projects launched is a wiki hosting service where you can create your own wiki in seconds for free!